I specialize in several types of massage techniques, including:

Swedish or Classic massage / Deep Tissue
  • Swedish or classic massage is generally regarded as light to moderate pressure strokes that work the major muscles of the body.  If you are seeking relaxation only, Swedish massage can be very effective.

  • Deep tissue massage targets specific areas a client needs work to be done.  I like to incorporate into a swedish massage deeper work when required or requested.  Working trigger points and deep tissue can be quite effective and help release toxins from within the muscle.

Sports massage
  • Sports massage is usually much shorter in duration and used to increase recovery time after a workout or sports event.  Sports massage used pre and post event is quite helpful in preventing injury and helping to hasten recovery time if an injury occurs. 

  • Reflexology can be done on the hands or feet.  Pressure points on the foot are believed to align with other areas of the body.  Reflexology can be done as a separate treatment or included into a regular massage appointment.  I try to include some reflexology into each of my massages.

  • Esalen is a style of massage that makes the massage experience feel more complete.  The work is done much slower than Swedish and can include lifting of body parts and gentle movement.  Some have described Esalen as a massage in 3D.  It’s all about the intent and what the therapist is trying to achieve. 
Thai yoga massage
  • Thai yoga massage is done on the floor using a traditional Thai mat.  Compression, Sen or energy lines and yoga are the the three major components.  A Thai massage can take a little longer to complete, but can be done in loose fitting comfortable clothing and is quite relaxing and also a very good workout. 
Corporate Chair massage
  • Chair massage is an excellent portable way to introduce massage to someone who has never experienced massage before.  It’s also a great way to decrease stress while on the job, increase blood flow and employee productivity.