Massage 101 / Chinese Cupping

Ernie Miller Nature Center
Ernie Miller Nature Center

Cupping involves the application of either glass, bamboo or plastic cups to create suction to help draw out toxins from the body.  Usually done on the back, the treatment can also be used on the back of the knee, top of the shoulder and along the arm.  Cupping can affect as deep as four inches into the tissue being worked, activate the lymph system, clear the colon, veins and some stretch marks.  It can be used as a stand alone treatment or incorporated into a massage.  In my practice I have done both with good success reported back to me by clients.  Cupping can leave painless marks for up to 2-10 days in the area worked.  It’s usually good to have this work done at the change of the seasons, say from early fall into winter, but certainly not limited to that time.  The work can be done anytime someone is experiencing tight or sore muscles along the neck, shoulder or back.

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